TS EN 60708
Underground Type Telephone Cables
Inner Conductor: Elektrolitik mono tavl bakr, (TS EN 60228, snf 1)
Elc.solid annealed copper wire (TS EN 60228, class 1)
Foam or solid Polyethylene , (TSEN 60708; BS 6234 03 C )
Core colors table-1
Twisting is performed for star quadruple (D) twisted cores as star-quadruples up to 10 pairs, or 5 quadruples (1) group after 10 pairs or 10 group twisting (1) package and fixed with moisture free PES tape with dielectric feature. The groups and packages are tagged with color threads.
Screen: Both sides PE film coated Aleminium foil
Outer Sheath: Low density or Medium density, Polyethylene
Sheath Color: RAL 9005 Black

General Features
They are used in the connection and distribution networks of the telephone switchboards, subscribers distribution networks and signal and control circuits. They are installed either in trenches, PVC or concrete conduits or buried directly in the soil.
Product Data-Sheet
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