Digital Video Cables
Inner Conductor: 7x0,16 mm Electrolytic stranded tinned copper
Dielectric: Avg. 2,10 mm Foam polyethylene
I. Screen: %100 Coverage tinned copper wrap
II. Screen: %100 Coverage AL-PES tape
III. Screen: %100 Coverage AL-PES tape.
Drain Wire: 7x0,25 mm Electrolytic stranded tinned copper
Coaxiel Sheath: 3,05 mm PVC (Red-green-blue-black-white)
Outer Sheath: 10,5 mm PVC
Sheath Color: Gray
General Features
Flame Retardancy: EC 60332-1,  EN 60332-1, VDE 0482-332-1
Such cables are used in transmission of VAGA video signals in multipurpose media applications. They are characterized in high resolution and low attenu- ation values.
Product Data-Sheet
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